Thursday, 2 May 2019

Preliminary findings from Cybersmart Quiz: The nature and extent of the student challenge

Kāhui Ako Achievement Challenge 5: Improve the achievement of students with additional needs in the learning areas of English/ key competency using symbols, languages and texts.

My Inquiry Problem/ Challenge: Children living in a digital world, where key competencies are essential, require ubiquitous access to cybersmart scaffolds and resources which are not currently available.

Below is the analysed data which I collected through the cybersmart quiz which I gave to my class. I have split the findings up into overarching areas:

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  1. What a comprehensive study of the data in your survey Hannah and gives clear indicators of what to do next. The use of peer to peer support and tutoring is not a new concept, but one which has been used successfully in the past. Great to see the impact of your inquiry on possible directions for the future.