Thursday, 12 January 2023

Where to for next year?

 In 2022, I inquired into developing confidence using videography roles within the Pt England Network News programme. There were some great things I learned through this inquiry, particularly the value roles like videographers can provide to develop confidence in some children. Going forward into 2023, I want to continue to utilise roles within the Pt England Network News programme to develop confidence in children. I will continue to think about what the role of videographers may look like and add in more opportunities for children to do movie editing. I will work through challenges. One of the big things that played on my mind during 2022 was that I was very conscious not to have the same children out of class too often to video at sports tournaments as, even though there is huge value in leadership, creativity, problem solving and making decisions when out as videographers, I didn't want their role as videographers to hinder their progress in classroom subjects.

Next year, as I continue as a within school Kāhui Ako teacher, I want to look into a very different challenge. I want to use learning opportunities provided in the creative space to look at developing persistence and success in children who find focus and success a regular challenge in their schooling. How this looks, I will spend some time developing over the first term of 2023, so watch this space!