Monday, 18 March 2019

Challenge of student learning

Kāhui Ako Achievement Challenge 5: Improve the achievement of students with additional needs in the learning areas of English/ key competency using symbols, languages and texts.

Summarising the challenge of student learning I plan to focus on in this inquiry

Initial Challenge I posed:

There is already a wide collection of Manaiakalani Cybersmart resources which teachers can repurpose for their own classrooms, some of which I have used and repurposed over the last couple of years. These can be found on our team learning site. It is also important that there are cybersmart resources which allow children to be empowered in their learning. We now need a wider range of cybersmart resources which can be used by children, independent of the teacher, as supportive tools whilst learning across the curriculum. 

Having a number of visible, child-friendly cybersmart resources in one place would support learners to be more confident in making smart decisions whilst accessing a wider range of language, symbols and texts online. Here is an example of one I have created.

Updated challenge:

To better empower children in their learning by giving them the skills, tools and knowledge to act in a cybersmart way. Through this, we will better support our learners so they grow to understand the purpose and importance of making smart decisions when learning and/or working in a digital environment.


Children living in a digital world, where key competencies are essential, require ubiquitous access to cybersmart scaffolds and resources which are not currently available.

Evidence I have to date:

I know this is a challenge based on observations of the children when teaching cybersmart in the classroom. There is a variation in what children are capable of online and of what they think is acceptable online. 

Some things stand out for me when exploring cybersmart resources which are being used in our various schools:

1. Classes with learning sites mostly have visible cybersmart resources available directly on their site OR have a place on the site ready to be populated with cybersmart resources.
2. Most of the cybersmart resources which I have seen are teacher-led tasks and often have originated from the Manaiakalani cybersmart curriculum.
3. More eye-capturing and engaging resources would be useful to make cybersmart learning ENGAGING & ENJOYABLE!

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  1. Lots of refining as a result of more information and talk around the 'campfire'. The experiences of others both in MIT and PES are providing you with multiple ideas to think about. Will see what comes out tomorrow!!