Saturday, 25 June 2016

Part 2 of Film Interview Creation: Accepting when done is done!

As explained in my last blog post, we have been creating an MDTA interview movie. In this movie, I explain my experiences (so far) of being a beginning teacher in the MDTA. This movie (which is only 3 minutes long) took hours of planning, filming, and editing!

I was very keen to create my own backing music using garage band, however I had to put this idea to the side for this project. I decided I need to experiment with garage band a bit more before creating a whole backing track! I have therefore used an iMovie track for the music. I am not eliminating the possibility of adapting this movie by using my own garage band creation at some point - it just may take longer than originally thought!

My biggest challenge to overcome during this creation was accepting when done was done! I could have kept tweaking this movie for weeks, however I had to draw the line! This realisation is something my learners constantly have to overcome when they create and share work on their blogs. They have to accept that the best use of their time may not be to keep dwelling on little things, but rather reflect on the process and their learning, be proud of what they have created and then keep learning new things!

Here it is: the final product!


  1. You have learnt a great lesson Hannah that doing more and more tweaking is not always productive and you have to know when to stop. You have had a wonderful 6 months of highly productive teaching and learning and your enthusiasm and wonderful disposition is infectious. Fantastic skills developing in all areas - including the choir!

    1. This first six months of teaching has been amazing! I feel like I have learned a lot! Thank you for all of your support Anne!