Monday, 9 May 2022

Preliminary Data

 I have begun gathering some preliminary data for my target group of children. These children were selected due to being at the 'reading to learn' phase of their reading development. I have selected children whose reading ages are at 9 years and above as these children will be required to read from a script which changes on a daily basis.

Using my knowledge of these children as well as asking for teacher recommendations, I have selected a group of children who are noted as lacking some confidence or oral language capabilities, despite their confidence in reading and writing. These children are also children who show potential in developing their confidence. This information was found through anecdotal notes from previous teachers, conversations with teachers as well as my own knowledge of these children.

I asked these children to fill in a questionnaire about their own confidence and communication abilities.

I colour coordinated responses from this survey to create a picture of self confidence.

Example 1:

Response 1 = Red
Response 2 = Red
Response 3 = Orange
Response 4 = Green
Response 5 = Green

Example 2:

Response 1 = Green
Response 2 = Green
Response 3 = Orange
Response 4 = Red
Response 5 = Red

From this survey, I have created a target group of students. Students in the target group are children who scored orange and red across a number of their responses.

Their responses sat alongside the responses of a group of children who demonstrate strong confidence, oral language and communication. These children will not be in my target group as they always have strong self confidence. This will be some of my baseline data which will be compared at the end of the year.

Once I have found all children in my target group, I will use a standardised self efficacy test to which will be used to compare the responses of individuals in this target from the beginning to the end of the year.

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  1. Kia ora Hannah,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful inquiry with us all. I'm interested in your inquiry focus as I'm a Manaiakalani facilitator and many of the schools I work remotely with are exploring extended discussion as their focus for 2022. Are you inquiring into this topic with your learners because they require more extended discussion, or because they speak very little at all? I will be following with great interest. Thank you for your regular posts, I really appreciate the updates in your work. I look forward to hearing whether or not the data you've gathered appears reflective of what you observe anecdotally when working alongside these learners in your classroom. Keep up the great dedicated teaching... what lucky kids.
    Ngā mihi,
    Amie @ Manaiakalani