Monday, 21 March 2022

Example of using movie as a medium to create meaningful learning experiences for children

At the beginning of the year, I sent an email out to our teachers at Pt England School. A large element of the Pt England Network News is sharing learning from across the school. During lockdown last year, it was challenging to expect each teacher in the school to do this. I would sift through the children's blogs to find great learning examples and share these daily on the news. Now we are back at school, it is important that I place that responsibility back onto the teachers so that each class and the tauira in that class have their learning showcased in some way. 

Here is the email I sent out to the teachers to encourage this:

In the email, I created a list of suggestions to teachers to support them in making movies which are meaningful for our tauira. 

Last week, I came across a wonderful example of a teacher who used these suggestions to make an awesome movie! Heidi Davis is a third year teacher who teaches year 2 and 3 children. Heidi looked over the list I had sent and wanted to use her term 1 PENN movie to create a meaningful learning experience which would challenge and excite her learners.

In her movie, she had one of her year 3 children read the script. You can hear the confidence, fluency and clarity as he reads. What a fantastic, engaging, REAL learning experience for this child! Other children showcased their learning through the term. Heidi included her children and they were highly aware of the purpose as they created the movie together. Heidi said that the children were so excited to see the finished product! The anticipation of waiting now until it shows on PENN is engaging and will create a fantastic intrinsic reward for the children too! 

Here is Heidi's movie:

This is such a great example of what I hope to see more of through my inquiry this year. I want to see more movie making happening across the school which engages children, creates real learning experiences and gives children a purpose in their learning. I want to be able to watch movies like Heidi's class movie and be able to see the learning that the children have had through the experience of making the movies.

Having taught in the classroom, I do understand and appreciate the time that is required to do this well. Therefore, part of my role will be to support teachers in making this happen. 

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