Thursday, 1 August 2019

Formal and Informal Monitoring - Is the changed practices/ intervention having an impact on learner outcome?

As discussed at our CoL meeting, it is going to be important to make judgements about children's progressions by undertaking formative assessment (both formal and informal) at set intervals.

I will do this by: 
- Keeping a log of reflections along the way (that is, teacher notes)
- Collecting student voice - through a google form and through their movies they have created.
- Student work samples - collaborative brainstorming/planning docs; 30 second - 1 minute movies
- Arbs?
- Writing samples - I will collect regular blog post samples or blog comment samples
- Regular blog commenting/replying on a chosen blog post/comment - see how these change over time - have the children become more critical/ connected in their responses?

Summative Assessment:
- Cybersmart assessment (same one taken in term 1)

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