Saturday, 2 April 2016

Building a site

Yesterday, we focused on building a collaborative site. The site is a resource for teaching current events from year 2 to year 9.

This is the home page design of our site, which was designed by +Stephanie Peck:

Each page on the site has been designed by a different MDTA teacher. The page I designed was developed with year 5/6 in mind, however it could easily be adapted for use with other year levels. The current event I focused on was the Hanmer Springs fire from earlier in the year. Check it out by clicking the screenshot below!

When reflecting on and discussing my site page with my colleagues, we noted a lack of a hook to engage learners' in the learning experience. This initiated me to think about how I hook my learners into their learning in the classroom. I don't feel like I am managing to effectively hook my learners into their learning yet. Therefore, during my planning, I need to be actively thinking of engaging hooks which I can use to introduce my learners to new learning experiences. I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on this page by including an effective hook!

Through developing this current events page for our collaborative site, I have become more confident in site building, learned some essential elements of HTML, and now feel excited and confident about developing my own site. I have also been able to think about the importance of developing engaging learning experiences for my learners, and have reflected on how I can do this better in the future to improve the quality of learning for my learners!

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  1. Great reflection here Hannah, I really enjoyed looking through your page and thought it was a well thought out and structured series of lessons. Can't wait to hear how it goes if you come to teach it too!