Friday, 19 February 2016


Today, I have been made more aware of the ongoing collaboration between numerous people, from a variety of areas of expertise in our community, which has been required to develop the framework of 'Learn-Create-Share', which our students use in the classroom, and which we use in our professional development. You can learn more about the 'Learn-Create-Share' framework, from Dorothy, here!

I have created this diagrammatic reflection on some of our learning from our PLG today (click on it to enlarge it). Through this reflection, I aimed to represent the connections between new digital skills we learn, and the 'Learn-Create-Share' pedagogy which our teaching practice is based on. Each new skill we learn can be added to a developing collection of skills. These combine and work in unison to provide our learners with engaging learning experiences to engage them in their learning through learning, creating and sharing.


  1. I love the way you have captured these three points and represented them visually Hannah. Simple but effective. It is this kind of creative moment that Russell was talking about at staff meeting on Monday when he suggested that teachers try to include more 'short, sharp' creative activities for learners mixed amongst the more demanding creative projects they do.

  2. I love how your image is a simple reminded that the tools we use for effective teaching, (i.e. our planning, the learn create share motto and the digital tools) are not stand alone tools. They build upon one another! Thanks for sharing Hannah :)

  3. I love this graphic, you are so creative! This not only links to what we have learnt in class, but also replicates the Manaiakalani values too.