Thursday, 12 January 2023

Where to for next year?

 In 2022, I inquired into developing confidence using videography roles within the Pt England Network News programme. There were some great things I learned through this inquiry, particularly the value roles like videographers can provide to develop confidence in some children. Going forward into 2023, I want to continue to utilise roles within the Pt England Network News programme to develop confidence in children. I will continue to think about what the role of videographers may look like and add in more opportunities for children to do movie editing. I will work through challenges. One of the big things that played on my mind during 2022 was that I was very conscious not to have the same children out of class too often to video at sports tournaments as, even though there is huge value in leadership, creativity, problem solving and making decisions when out as videographers, I didn't want their role as videographers to hinder their progress in classroom subjects.

Next year, as I continue as a within school Kāhui Ako teacher, I want to look into a very different challenge. I want to use learning opportunities provided in the creative space to look at developing persistence and success in children who find focus and success a regular challenge in their schooling. How this looks, I will spend some time developing over the first term of 2023, so watch this space!

Monday, 5 December 2022

Bursts and Bubbles 2022

 It was unfortunate that this year I wasn't able to attend Bursts and Bubbles in person as I was leading a school trip. I pre-recorded my summary burst so it was able to be shared at the event.

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Thinking ahead to my possible inquiry for 2023

Below are some thoughts about where my inquiry may go next year.

What achievement challenge are you considering as an area of focus in 2023 and why? Include in your WHY both evidence and your own passion/expertise

Improve the achievement of students with additional needs in the learning areas of English/key competency using language symbols and texts

I am in a unique role where I get to see children from right across the school. I want to put more energy into creating some progressions and variations to the Creative Space programme to account for children with additional needs so they can all achieve in some way.

This is something which I have observed by giving variation in tasks throughout the year, however what do I do when there is a child who refuses to take part?

  • Survey to find out why they aren’t taking part.

  • Ask what they want to be doing?

  • What could I do to help them achieve?

  • What would an engaging task look like for them?

What learnings from the 2017 - 2022 CoL teacher inquiries have informed or inspired your thinking.

This year there were many CoL inquiries into engagement and enjoyment: Robyn Anderson and Kelsey Parrant looked at this for reading. Christine Tupou-Fonua looked into student and teacher wellbeing and how that influenced achievement, enjoyment and engagement.

I want the children to come to my space and feel that excitement, enjoyment and as a result, achievement - but how do I achieve this for the children who find it more difficult to focus?

How would your work support Manaiakalani pedagogy and kaupapa?


Transferrable Creative tasks which can also be done in the classroom - ubiquitous

Engagement of children through the create

Transferrable skills

Making strong and replicable progressions for different learning experiences where teachers can challenge children, pull back if it’s too much or look at alternatives if it’s not engaging some children.

Which elements of the extensive Manaiakalani research findings inform or challenge you as you think about this?

2017 research into the main teaching activity observed: conference, instructional, learning model, behaviour/management, q&a or roving.

Developing in Digital Worlds: 3 21st century skills in a digital environment - cognitive, interpersonal, intrapersonal. The benefits of a digital environment in teaching key comps for children. 

I could rate children on key comps at the start of the year compared to the end of the year.

How would you like to be supported in 2023 as you undertake this inquiry?

Regular release so I have guaranteed, regular time to work on my inquiry. This is really important as I don’t have the children constantly in front of me as classroom teachers do.

Collaboration between myself and classroom teachers to support the target group of children.

How would you plan to support your colleagues in your school with THEIR inquiries and/or teaching in the area you are exploring?

Creative activities which can be used in the classroom to support the children with additional needs.

Support of children in the key competencies to lead to the feeling of success for these children.

Monday, 21 November 2022

Bursts and Bubbles 2023

Last week, the annual Manaiakalani Kahui Ako Bursts and Bubbles was held! I picked out some of the inquiries which really resonated with me this year which I could utilise in my role.

Dot Apelu: Focus on supporting children to connect with their local community. 

Scott Mansell: Emphasis on local histories to raise engagement with learners.

Jo Gormly: Building solid foundation of literacy. 

Kelsey Parrant and Robyn Anderson both focussed on enjoyment of reading. Robyn's inquiry focus made me wonder how I could share tips for good reading etc on PENN. This is something to think about moving forward!

Christine Tupou-Fonua: Teacher & Student well-being - how does it influence achievement, engagement & enjoyment?

Poto Faalili: Preparing Year 8 students for Year 9.

Monday, 14 November 2022

Videography Rubric - Results

I am going through the video footage taken by my target students who have been out to video at various events. I have marked them against the rubric I created to compare the quality of the video they have produced. Below are the results, put into graphs.

Student 1:

Student 2:

Student 3:

Student 4:

Student 5:

Monday, 19 September 2022

What does Enthusiasm tell us?

 Over the last couple of weeks, I have had two videographers from my target group of students who have shown interest in being the videographer at in-school events. In these situations, they have been the ones who have suggested being the videographers. This sign of enthusiasm tells me a lot about the mindset of these students, how they feel valued and confident in themselves and that being a videographer is something they are good at and can lead in.

This anecdotal evidence is hugely valuable to see the success in using videography as a way of developing confidence in some children.

In an article on the Western Weekender, an opinion piece (Confidence and enthusiasm) talks about the importance of enthusiasm and confidence in a business environment. I think the same can be said in education. In the article, it states that "being enthusiastic in what you do breeds confidence." This article also makes an interesting point about confidence. It explains how people feel reassured by people who are confident which in turn leads to greater trust. I would add an extra element to this which is that this could be seen as a never ending cycle as feeling trusted by others can also help your confidence to grow. 

Monday, 5 September 2022

Footage Rubric

I have created a rubric which I can use to assess the quality of footage the students gather during a videography experience: