Saturday, 13 February 2016

Digital Immersion Reflection

Finishing the first day of digital immersion in our Professional Learning Group (PLG) has left me feeling so much more confident in using google apps for education in the classroom and for my professional development.

I created this diagrammatic reflection which focuses on the need for learning to be open and visible for learners and their whānau. What is the point in having our learners learn behind 'locked doors', where they cannot share their work or be proud of what they are learning?

  • Having an 'open-door policy' to learning means there is a world-wide audience for our learners, which provides so much more authenticity than a piece of work just being handed in within the classroom.
  • By making learning accessible and visible, learning is now possible far beyond the four walls of the school buildings. Students can continue to learn outside of the restrictive school-hours. 
  • 'Whanaungatanga' is all about the importance of relationships for "Māori learners achieving educational success as Māori" (Tātaiako, Ministry of Education, 2011, p5). An essential reason for learning being visible is to ensure whānau have the ability to be connected and fully involved in the leaning of their tamariki. This relationship is essential to ensure our tamariki can accelerate and get the most out of their learning.

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