Friday, 17 June 2016

Day 1 of Film Interview Creation (Filming at Pt England Beach)

We have started creating 'interview' style videos to explain our experience to date as part of the MDTA.  Our first task was to create a script of what we wanted to include in our video. After this, Steph and I went down to Pt England beach to record our spoken part of the video. We wanted to film ourselves down at the beach (just across the fence from school) to share the beautiful area of Auckland where we work.

(Here I am helping Steph prepare for her filming)

We had great fun problem solving the set up of our equipment to record ourselves speak. Interesting disruptions included a range of wildlife as well as a plane and a jet boat noisily cutting into our filming.

(Preparing for my filming)

(Steph preparing for her filming)

The next step will be to edit this footage as well as a range of footage from around school to create our final videos. I also plan to create my backing music using garageband so I also need to start experimenting with this in order to make this possible!


  1. This looks fabulous Hannah. What a great idea to use our beach for this. Having made many movies a t that beach over years I do sympathise about the environmental noise issues!
    Look forward to viewing the interview next week


  2. Glad the weather held out for you, Hannah and the mic was useful, Fiona

  3. Such a cool idea recording at the beach Hannah, you may need to be careful with surrounding/background noises! Using Garageband sounds like a good idea, just remember to not run yourself to the ground - you aren't completing a Peter Jackson production they say :)