Friday, 18 March 2016

Using HTML in google sites

Today we had two of the MDTA alumni, Karen and Matt, speak to us about using HTML on google sites. From being introduced to google sites last week as well this introduction to HTML, I now feel extremely motivated to experiment with creating a website. I like the mix of structure, creativity and artistic elements that are required to build a site effectively, and I look forward to developing my site/HTML skills over time.

I found it interesting to learn that a website layout can be designed using tables! A table can be made invisible so that only it's content can be seen, and therefore to make it possible to create a clean, engaging website.

Below is an example of a 3x1 invisible table in a google site. I have used this to organise three images on a site page.

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  1. Isn't it so exciting to see the possibilities we have just in Sites! You have progressed so much, even since you made this post - look forward to what you produce in the future :)